By-Laws & Policies

Both the Bylaws and the Policies for the Villages of Long Point Bay have been revised and approved by the membership at General Meetings held July 21st, 2022 and November 16, 2022 respectively.

June 23, 2023: The Event Agreement Application forms had a slight revision to those contained in the Policies as Appendices E-1 (a) to (d).
July 6, 2023: The Membership Agreement forms were amended to include an acknowledgement of personal information collected, plus the section relating to the Website & Interactive Dailies were removed.

July 20, 2023: Amendment to Bylaws 19

October 26, 2023 - Please note: The By-laws Committee is currently working on more revisions to By-laws & Policies to comply with the new Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act. As the "ONCA" rules are now in effect, if there is a conflict between the VLPBRA By-laws and the ONCA rules, the ONCA rules take precedence.

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